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The Equi-M Combi rug is a unique, waterproof, breathable horse rug. Often used in high-end stableyards and professional riders, this all-in-one horse rug is designed to keep your horse warm during winter and keeping their coat rub free and healthy whilst saving time by not having to switch blankets. This all in one- outdoor,- and walker rug allows for an allround protection of your horse against cold, rain and rubbing. 

The unique design of the front is perfect to keep your horse warm when stabled or in the paddock/field, but with just a simple switch, the horse's shoulder can be exposed completely, leaving absolutely no chance for the rug to rub shoulders whilst moving. Thanks to the extra feature this rug won't pull on your horse's shoulders. 

For extra comfort, the rug has been fitted with shoulder gussets to allow for free movement, it has 2 crossed surcingles, 2 elastic leg straps to keep the Equi-M combi-rug comfortably in place, and a tail flap for maximum protection from the cold. The 1200 dernier material is tough and strong and unlikely to tear.


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